Monday, February 19, 2018

Arrow Scout

Arrow Scout Van De Graaff 
7lbs 11oz 
20.5 in long

People aren't joking when they say that each pregnancy is different, each child is different and each delivery is different. Let me take you back to when I was pregnant with Bear... Homeboy did not want to come out at all. So at 41 weeks and one day, I was induced with him. A long 12 hours later, he finally came out with only 10 minutes of pushing.

 Now with only knowing that delivery, I was expecting something pretty close to Bear's. However, I was bound and determined to get this baby out before I hit 40 weeks  So when my contractions started that night, I was basically just waiting for the moment when I couldn't breath through them to go into the hospital. Which, didn't end up happening. A few hours after my contractions started, I got up to go to the bathroom and remember feeling a little extra "gush" of water. I got up and thought, if that really was my water more will come out once I stand up. And when noting did, I just put it to the side and thought nothing of it.

Well around 9am that morning, I was getting ready to go to my Dr's appointment for my 39 week check up. While I was getting ready, I accidentally peed my pants. I was really confused as to how I've gone this long with some form of bladder control and now it's coming down in waves. What the heck. So I change my clothes, again, and head to my appointment. Once I walked into my Dr's office, another gush of water came. But this time was more than the last. "Uhm, I'm not sure but I think my water keeps leaking/breaking." The Dr does his thing to check to see if it really was my water or if my nightmare came true. Thank heavens it was in fact my water that had broke earlier that morning and continued to leak and because of that they sent me straight to Labor & Delivery at the Hospital.

This part I wasn't really sure about sharing but I don't want to forget anything about this day. My husband remembered that last time I was in the hospital they wouldn't let me eat until I had the baby. So when we left my Dr's he asked me if I wanted to go have "One last Supper" before we do this thing. I agreed and we headed off to go pick up our hospital bags and then went to Ihop to eat our last meal. My sweet husband also remembered how badly I wanted my nails done before I went into labor but never got around to (because hi, who knows when a baby will show up). After we ate, he took me to the nail salon where I got a manicure and he got a pedicure haha.

Then we were off to the hospital.

2pm - We get admitted into the hospital and put into our room.

4pm - I got my epidural and was dilated at a 6.

6pm - I was still at a 6 so my Dr authorized the tiniest bit of pitocin to speed it up. They also thought that my cord was wrapped around the baby either around her neck or somewhere around her body so they hooked me up on some oxygen.

8pm - I told my nurse that I was in a lot of pain and needed to push this baby out asap. She checks and I was at a 10 and ready to go.

8:12pm - Pushed that baby girl out in 3 minutes.

As you can tell, this delivery was a lot different or should I say quicker than Bear's. And things already are so different with Arrow.. we've already had some hurdles that we've had to overcome. But little miss Arrow Scout, you are the sweetest thing and we all love you so much. Thank you for coming into our lives baby girl!

I have to give a special shoutout to Darian Clouse for being our photographer. I can't thank her enough for taking these special photos for us, I never want to forget this day and each photo brings such happy emotions back to life. 

39 Weeks

how far? 39 Weeks and 3 days

size of baby?   Baby is as big as a pumpkin

weight gain?  I really hate knowing how much I gain during pregnancy and I let my Dr's know not to tell me... however this Dr seems to ignore that or not care and they just blurt it out

sleep?  Sleep sucks. I sleep for a couple of hours and wake up

best moment of the week? 
 I have had a few contractions! Which could be good or I could just be thinking i'm having contractions haha 

worst moment of the week?    Im still pregnant 

happy or moody?  Tonight I was pretty moody. Sorry Kurt 

food cravings?  Pizza

movement?  I'm not sure how much room is left in there for her because I feel her move but not as much.

showing?  LOL yes

stretch marks?  Still the legs as far as i can see 

symptoms? Contractions, my belly has gotten lower and I have acid reflux/heart burn

(This was taken the night before I had Arrow. My belly was definitely a lot lower than the picture at the top and I was feeling miserable and off. I could tell something was going on)

Monday, January 22, 2018

37 Weeks

how far? 37 weeks and 2 days

size of baby?  Size of the head of lettuce and about 7lbs


sleep?   It's off and on. Some nights I have the best sleep ever, others I wake up a lot and have to readjust to try to get comfortable

best moment of the week? 
I made it to 37 weeks - Full Term

worst moment of the week?    I'm full term, aka, this baby needs to come out.

happy or moody?  Pretty happy most of the time. I do get moody towards my husband alot haha

food cravings?  Ice cream and homemade cookies

movement?  Strong movement

showing?  Very much so

stretch marks?  Still the legs as far as i can see

symptoms? I pee all the time, I have sciatic pain in my lower back that affects when I walk to  or when i need to bend over. I can't breath that well. I can't lay flat at all. I can't fit my clothes, I have acid reflex again. Basically all the symptoms 

A few photos from this past weekend! Thanks Darian Clouse for the photos!

Monday, December 11, 2017

31 Weeks

how far? 31 Weeks and 3 days

size of baby?  Size of a coconut and about 3 1/2 pounds

weight gain? Listen, this question will always be the worst question to ask a pregnant lady.

sleep?   Was great for a few days and then went straight to real crappy

best moment of the week? 
I made our appointment to get  3D ultrasound!

worst moment of the week?    I  found out I'm low in iron so I have to take pills for that.

happy or moody?  I feel like i'm pretty happy but also really needy

food cravings?  Juice, sweets and coke.

movement?  Oh you better believe it.

showing?  Yes, yes and yes

stretch marks?  Still the legs as far as i can see

symptoms?  Peeing constantly, uncomfortable in any position I'm in, sleep sucks but i want to nap all the time, and I have the worst pain down there....

Friday, October 27, 2017

25 Weeks

how far?  25 Weeks

size of baby?  Same size as the head of cauliflower  

weight gain? This question is still awful 

sleep?   Sleep is starting to suck - I can't breathe haha

best moment of the week? 
 I feel her constantly now! Which I'm really starting to enjoy the kicks more than I did when i was pregnant with Bear. And I actually have energy to go walking and exercise more. 

worst moment of the week?  I have to concentrate so hard on not peeing my pants when i sneeze.

happy or moody?  Moody - holy crap. Poor Kurt. I can't control these emotions. 

food cravings?  Not necessarily cravings, i just am not a fan of any meat this pregnancy. (besides ikea meatballs)

movement?  Yes, LOTS! The kicks seem to be increasing by the day 

showing?  LOL - duh.

stretch marks?  Legs and the ladies. 

symptoms? Still peeing alot, i'm starting to not be able to breath as easily so aka i snore when i sleep :) 

(bears costume)
(little bear and indy at vertuccio farms)

Thursday, September 28, 2017


(16weeks vs 20 weeks)

how far?  20 weeks 5 days

size of baby?  small cantalope 

weight gain? This question is awful 

sleep?  It's off and on - some nights i sleep hard throughout the night. other nights i wake up atleast 2-3 times

best moment of the week?  Confirming that she is still a baby girl! 

worst moment of the week?  There hasn't been anything super horrible about this week. I'm just constantly busy. 

happy or moody?  Moody - for sure. I have ALL the feels this pregnancy. 

food cravings?  Meatballs - bread - waffles - water

movement?  Movement has definitely increased. They are still little tiny things but she was moving like a crazy person at our Dr's appointment yesterday. 

showing?  You know it. Showing and not able to fit into my regular clothes 

stretch marks? Still legs 

symptoms? Frequently peeing, headaches, stuffy nose, shortness of breathe occasionally and exhaustion. 

Other photo's from this week! 
My sweet little baby bear!

Cute profile of our baby girl!